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About Us


Way back in 1999,

We’ve been around long enough to see it all. From the “boing boing beeep” of dial-up modems to super-fast fiber which is common place today. We were there to applaud the rise of Google and Facebook, and watch the fall of MySpace and AltaVista. We’ve learnt what works, but more importantly what doesn’t. No one truly knows what the next big Internet event will be, but what we do know is we’ll be around to see it.

The Laurus Evolution

Where it all began & where we are right now


Laurus Computing (PTY) Ltd. was established specialising in Network Support Services and Custom Online Software Solutions.


The company phased out network support services, purchased and distributed a foreign language print publication, added Mobile Content Creation and changed to media driven website development – relaunched as Laurus Publishing.


We sold off our print publication, and as the need for self-managed websites increased, our focus shifted towards websites powered by a Content Management System – which brought about the birth of our very own PortalManager CMS. We rebranded as Laurus Interactive.


During a quiet patch, and after a long debate about whether it was possible, we rolled the dice and attempted to market office furniture online. Our overwhelming success prompted the creation of the new, separate business entity called Laurus Office Group – trading now as just Office Group.


We entered the digital marketing space offering Google Ads (then Google Adwords) to our list of client services, and phased out mobile content creation.


The world has changed again and our focus moves into revenue generating websites driven by a strong digital marketing service. We embrace Facebook and other social media platforms for business, as well as WordPress as our preferred CMS (sorry PortalManager). We’ve finally settled on our name – Laurus Media!


We’re geared and ready to help you get the most out of your online presence!

2021- 2022

The time we all disappeared