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Full Learning Digital Marketing – 6 Week Online Course

Digital Marketing in 2021

Can either be a success or a waste of time.

As a small business owner, you have to manage a lot of important business tasks yourself, until your budget allows you to outsource marketing services, until then you give it a go yourself which can be tricky at times as most of the time you never know if you’re doing it “right” or you feel discouraged as you just never seem to feel like it is making a difference!

No matter how small your business, you HAVE to be active on social media!

But where to start, what to do – let’s clear up all the confusion for you!

This 6-week course is aimed at people who have minimal to no experience running a business’s digital marketing.

We take you through the fundamentals of Digital Marketing all the way through to how to practically run your own Digital Marketing in 2021.

Through this course, you will be implementing and practicing everything as you learn.

This course includes the following modules as well as an individual one-on-one session weekly for accountability and focused training.

1 x Group session per week
1x 121 session per week

6 week Digital Course - Sam
Module 1: Onboarding / Networking (Group Session)

Week 1:
Before this session takes place we will provide you with an onboarding pack.
You would need to print out the documents for this session.

> How the course will be delivered & how to make get the most out of the course
> What all you need in order to succeed, and how to fail-proof yourself.
> Goal setting (Business & Personal)
> Identifying your audience

Week 1 121 Session:
Week 1 is followed up with a 121 session to ensure you have all your foundational goals aligned in order to make this course successful for you.

In this session, we would also be giving your our feedback on industry trends in your market, ideas to make your business more successful

Module 2: Setting up your profiles for success (Group Session)

Week 2:
Most people have set up their business profiles ages ago, more often than not the profiles have not been set up correctly & most often people are not making use of the latest functionalities on each platform.
In his session we will go through the following modules:

> Facebook For Business Page Setup
> Instagram For Business Page Setup
> Google My Business Page Setup

We will focus on making sure each platform is set up correctly & then we will close this session off with an in-depth practical workshop on how each platform works.

Facebook For Business
> CTA’s (Call To Actions)
> Customise sections
> Posts/ Tagging/ Online Shops
> Events
> Stories
> Autoresponders

Instagram For Business
> Posts/ Tagging/ Online Shops
> Stories
> Reels

Google My Business
> Profile information
> Shop / Service listing
> Maps
> Reviews
> Photos

Week 2 121 Session:
Week 2 is followed up with a 121 session to ensure you have setup & optimized all your profiles.

*Please note – module 2 can be split into 2 group sessions for that week.

Module 3: Developing a Marketing & Content Strategy

Week 3: 
Most companies start the Digital Marketing journey and don’t find success because they do not have a plan, when you plan to succeed you will succeed.
There are multiple factors and elements that need to be considered in order to succeed in digital marketing.
In this module, we take you through that process & assist you in developing the right strategy.

In his session we will go through the following modules:

> Long Term & Short Term Goals
> Content
> Sales Goals
> Combining Themes & Collaborations

Week 3 121 Session:
Week 3 is followed up with a 121 session to revise all your strategies and ensure they are aligned with what you can afford & propose new ideas you could implement to increase sales and ROI.

Module 4: Content Creation

Week 4: Content Creation
Content creation is one of the most important elements in the world of Digital Marketing. This module focuses on how to create relevant content, aligned with a consistent brand identity & includes all the in’s and out’s of design!
In his session we will go through the following modules:

> Fundamentals Of Content Creation
> Different Types Of Content
> Design
> Bulk Design
> Size – Because Size Matters!
> Scheduling

Week 4 121 Session:
Week 4 is followed up with a 121 session where we will revise all the content created in this module.

Module 5: Mailchimp

Week 5:
Email marketing can be one of the most lucrative forms of marketing when done correctly & consistently.
In his session we will go through the following modules:

> Setup of Mailchimp
> Platform Functionality
> Setting Up Automated Processes
> Design
> Content
> Creating Campaigns
> Interpreting The Statistics

Week 5 121 Session:
Week 5 is followed up with a 121 session where we will go through your account and ensure everything has been set up correctly and assist with any questions you may have.

Module 6: Boosting VS Campaigns & Tracking

Week 6:
Most people have the misconception that Boosting a post on Facebook or Instagram is equivalent to running a dedicated campaign. In this module, we will go through the differences, with a clear emphasis on what the benefits are of Boosting vs the benefits of Campaigns.

> In his session we will go through the following modules:
> What is Boosting & How it works
> What are Campaigns & How they work
> Benefits of each paid advertising medium
> How to determine which medium would be most beneficial

Week 6 121 Session:
Week 6 is followed up with a 121 closing session, in this session I will assist with any questions you may have on any of the modules & ensure you are on the right track.

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